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  • March 25, 2024, 8:11 p.m.
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Once a week I go out shopping and it is always an adventure. Because I so rarely get out of the house. I have no sense of wanderlust and go out when I need something or have to do something such as get provisions or attend to my health.

I took a walk to the Central mailboxes and it was the first time I had done any walking outside the house in a week. I felt terribly out of shape, even though I have been using the treadmill. My breathing was like an old fat man. But I’m not that old and not that fat. nothing from the government in the mail, so I was pleased. There is always a sense of wonder after being in the house for so long to be in that world just be on the door, marveling so much I and others have taken for granted. It fascinates me the cacophony of sound from beyond the neighborhood. The nearby highway and Expressway. I can .
To trucks and cars having loud personalities. An aircraft above and for a fleeting second I wonder if it’s gonna crash. Too many damn movies for me.

My bird max she knows about Mondays and she knows my preparations for leaving. She tries to hide in my clothing and take a nap there. She gets excited when she sees me put on a hat and coat and clings to my shoulder. I give her a kiss and put her in the cage and buddy her mate follows. Since I only drive once a week, it’s something that is again an adventure. Stick shift. I have to think about what I’m doing. Makes me remember learning how to drive. Unlike then I don’t grind any gears.

I get to Aldi and remember, I only took one bag with me. I don’t let it bother me. I feel like I’m on a different planet as I walked towards the door because I don’t get out much as I keep saying. I have to remember how to converse with my fellow humans. Yes, I always feel alien. I saw the manager at the store, smiled, waved at him and he me. Fist bumps And much joking for a while. I saw a woman walking towards us and her purse fell off her shoulder. “ she threw that on the floor”! I say loudly and she laughs with me. The manager stock shelves sometimes he drop something as we talk, and I pick it up and help him. This impresses him because most people wouldn’t give a shit. I learned how to be a worker for many years and that sticks with me with pride.

As usual, I see several workers and I make small talk with them in a positive way. I feel human again and very relaxed.

I drive across the street to the Kroger grocery store. A woman working frozen foods sees me andwaves and calls to me. I thank her for that. Small talk, bullshit, joking around with her for a while also concerned her bosses may not like it. She tells me it’s OK and we joke about how troubled I always am when I go to look for ice cream. If my favorite is there? I always stare at it and try to resist it but never do. I go to the produce department get some spinach small talk with a man and his boy. Nothing but humor and positive talk in the two stores.

I go to the self check out and ring out my serval items and from the corner of my eye I see someone waving and calling to me. A woman that I often stop and talk to. I point and glower at her then change my face to a big grin and tell her she missed me. She is helping a customer pack her groceries and the customer was laughing with us and I told her she had a beautiful smile. She did. I often tell people that because smiles are beautiful. I pulled out my phone and showed a video of Max trying to sleep under my chin all covered in my hair with her tail sticking out one side. I shared the video with the customer as well. I am self-aware enough to realize I may sound like an eccentric old man and I told them that if I sound eccentric or little crazy that’s OK. I embraced it and there was more laughter at that. I wish them both a good day and go out to my car. That’s how I have my fun in life once a week. I used to get tongue tighter out in women, but now I just don’t care. I trust myself to be kind and good to people. If someone doesn’t like my positive kind nature, they can go fuck themselves. It’s their problem.🤣

I get home and I greet the birds in the cage. I let them out, and if Max was a dog, she would be wagging her tail and barking.

Buddy is a male bird is a very interesting person and that is how I see. My birds and other life forms as being people. The higher life forms. But to me even insects and spiders have personalities. They don’t all act the same. Buddy loves it when I get him food and follows me around waiting whenever I am getting food. But if you see my hands, he will try to bite me and he has done so many times. I often cuss him out and tell him no don’t do that over and over. He knows he has done a bad thing but it’s like dammit I can’t help it. I see your hand and I just have to try to cut that fucker. Tonight both birds were on my chest and I had no sweatshirt on. Buddy saw my arm exposed and tried to take a little bit of flesh. I shook him off, laughing as I cursed him. No hard feelings, you son of a bitch it’s just how you are🤣

Recently, I thought about how people write about religion or politics and although I am very outspoken about both, I try to not overdo it. I don’t believe in trying to change people in their beliefs. Unless they believe they should be a sad son of a bitch. I don’t want you to be sad. If people like fascism and Trump, OK, that’s your thing I’m not going to argue. If people are passionate about some religion, do your thing just don’t try to kill me or convert me. I have watched and read journal posts by people of different views than I and I have not engaged them with snotty comments, or trying to tell them how wrong they are. That’s your thing, baby that’s your thing. But I feel for me to talk about such things over and over is just talking about the same things over and over. I would sound like thousands if not millions of other people of the same views.

Tonight Reddit, someone commented on a comment I had made in a provocative manner, and I could see that they did want to provoke me. Instead of replying, I took the name and I blocked it. If I can avoid it, I just won’t deal with such people.

So much for another day.

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