In the Life Log - Day 8 in My Musings

  • March 25, 2024, 9:52 a.m.
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I didn’t sleep well last night again. After getting about 5 hours straight of sleep, I kept dozing off and waking up every hour or so until it was finally time for me to begin work. I do hope that this improves in the next few days.

It was a slow day for me at work too; I was idle for the most part of my shift, only having to respond to an important email around 7:45 pm (it’s already 12:47 am as of this writing). Thankfully, my workout at the gym was productive - was able to hit some good numbers for both chest and triceps, which is surprising considering I’m at a deficit.

From an emotional perspective, I’d say today was neutral. The panic attacks still hit me bad early on in the day, but somewhat subsided. I do miss her terribly still, however.

Overall rating for the day: 4/10

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