In the Life Log - Day 5 in My Musings

  • March 23, 2024, 2:16 a.m.
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Last night’s sleep was quite lengthy again, clocking ~9 hours. I dreamt of her again; we were in a group and discussing which restaurant to try, when I suggested that we go to this place that we planned originally but she’d already gone to. That was the time I woke up again. Suffice to say, that was enough to bring me to tears a few minutes after.

I tried to shake off the feeling by working; however, I was really on edge for the most part of the day. There were a number of moments that I felt really irritated, and it showed in some of my catch-up calls with colleagues. I was either unable to get my thoughts across, get quickly miffed, or both.

If there were highlights, however, it was that a couple of the projects that I am involved in have turned out quite well. I also trained legs earlier and had a good pump. As always, I was looking back at our “early days” (aka getting to know) during my cardio session, and wonder if I could have done anything differently. Then again, as I said yesterday, it’s all in hindsight.

As I make my way into the weekend, I am left again to my thoughts - just glad that the work week is over.

Overall rating for the day: 2/10

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