In the Life Log - Day 3 in My Musings

  • March 20, 2024, 3:36 p.m.
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I dreamt about her last night. In said dream, we were both a bit younger, and I had the chance to introduce her to my colleagues. Then I had to wake up, bringing me back to reality.

I also decided to work today, as I already took two sick days - having a pile of emails to respond to also bring with them their own stressors. It was good there was not much work to do (as always); then I had a panic attack, which made me write the poem “Gray” in response. That somewhat helped, but had subsequent sudden crying fits in-between.

If there are any “highlights” so to speak, it’s just having survived my first day back at work. The feedback of the 2nd iteration of the tracker and template I was helping my lead with was not too bad (compared to the previous); hopefully the version myself and another colleague will turn over tomorrow (the final), turns out as expected. I also did 1 hour at the treadmill today after work, which allowed me to be distracted momentarily.

I wonder if she thinks of me, even if it’s just been 3 nights after the fact. I told her she can message me anytime, and I’ll be sure to respond. I hope she’s doing just fine.

Overall rating for the day: 2/10

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