I'm Still Alive in Hello

  • March 20, 2024, 9:45 a.m.
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Hungover but not deathly hungover like I’ve been before.

It’s 6:37 PM, I’ve been asleep most of the day.

Saturday night into Sunday I had a very intense dream about someone I once loved. She moved away and I never heard from her again. She claimed to have loved me back but wouldn’t pursue a relationship because we were friends. Looking back I should have hated her for the times she paraded new boyfriends in front of me. I can’t believe how long I simped for her. When I woke up Sunday I couldn’t shake the depression and feelings of foolishness. They stayed with me all day, from breakfast to dinner to my trip to the liquor store.

I’m not mad at myself. Just a bump in the road. I’ll come clean tomorrow in the aftercare class. Guess I’m just annoyed that I didn’t make it to 150 days. Only 142. Oh well, I will this time.


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