In the Life Log - Day 2 in My Musings

  • March 19, 2024, 12:53 p.m.
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Today was pretty much the same as yesterday - multiple instances of crying, minimal appetite, and just not having the mood to do anything at all. I had to call out sick again, lest my work gets affected. I decided to call my psychiatrist’s clinic, but his earliest availability is in about a couple weeks.

I had a look at our old messages and a number reminded me of how we were starting i.e., in the getting to know phase. Needless to say, re-reading those messages made me break down again as those were reminiscent of the time I’ve finally moved on from my previous relationship and ready to start anew.

I had to drag myself to the gym again for the much needed distraction. I was able to put a good session in (or so I think) for both the weights and cardio. Admittedly, I was hoping to receive a message during my gym session like it usually was. Thankfully, I was able to regain my appetite for my post-training meal, which was very much non-existent yesterday.

Overall rating for the day: 2/10

Last updated March 19, 2024

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