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  • March 17, 2024, 9:16 p.m.
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I hate writing from my phone but I am out, so we’re just going to deal with it.
I should write about yesterday (and today) as there is a LOT of relationship stuff to write about.
Instead, I wanted to share this seemingly obvious statement to an otherwise oblivious world.
MOST women (including those reading this) are far more delightful, attractive, and wonderful than they think they are.
Yes… there ARE too many (people in general) that are getting high off of smelling their own flatulence! And a majority of humans are so bloody selfish and uncaring that I sometimes cry randomly because of it.

But seriously… ladies… do you know the appeal you have? I understand how that sounds like objectifying, misogynist shite. I do. But frankly… so many of you are so disastrously hard on yourselves that you don’t realize how beautiful, stunning, and utterly gobsmacking you truly are. Even if you are sitting in a dark room thinking “I’m too…” or “I’m not enough…” I promise you, there is a person out there that finds you tongue swallowingly stunning.
Admittedly, it may not be someone YOU find attractive… and that is an entirely different conversation. But I assure you, no matter the specific flaw you think makes you unattractive- there is someone out there who LOVES that about you and/or finds you ravishing.

queenofegypt March 17, 2024

My husband tells me this all the time. I hope every woman hears it from someone. 💜

Purple Dawn March 17, 2024


Filiola March 19, 2024

That was a lovely thing for you to write. I hope lots of ladies read it because no doubt it is true!

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