Oh God Oh God It Hurts in Hello

  • March 17, 2024, 1:56 a.m.
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1:35 AM

She ended up buying tickets for not only the Natural History Museum but also The Berman Museum. That one was world history. I snapped some pics of a confiscated Nazi flag from the WWII exhibit as well as Hitler’s personal silver. Plate, pitcher, various silverware. How they got a hold of it I don’t know. The flag was signed by the American troops who found it raiding a German camp. It was pretty cool to see.

Snapped a few more pics of some of the art ranging back to 17th century China. There are a lot of ancient artifacts for such a smaller museum. If I can get one of these pic apps to work I’d love to post them.

All in all about five hours on my feet. My heels and lower back are killing me. If I’ve not mentioned this before I have flat feet. Hip and back pain are a constant nuisance in my life.

After we left I drove us to this kick ass seafood restaurant named Top Of The River. The shrimp scampi and fried crawfish tails were very good. The waiter brought us jalapeno corn bread, pickled onions (oh my breath stank!) and this big metal container stuffed with house made coleslaw. All that just comes automatically to a table like bread at other places. I ordered fries with my dish but didn’t eat them all. The appetizer was fried pickles. Lawd chile dey was delicious!

Anywho, dipped out of the house a little after 10 AM and got back home around 9:30 PM. I kicked my shoes off, fed all the cats, fired up the heating pad then melted into my recliner. Gamed a bit (too tired to read) now I’m stretched out with my blanket. I’m warm and highly comfortable.

Tomorrow I’m not doing crap lol. If anything I’d like to watch one of the Abbot and Costello Meets films I got mom for Christmas. It’s all four movies they did with the Universal Monsters. I’ve seen them all except Meets The Invisible Man.

Welp, bed time.

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