The Weekend and More in Whatever Will Be Will Be

  • Feb. 27, 2024, 1:23 p.m.
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This weekend was… well, something? Rather significant evidence that things aren’t exactly “filling me up with peace and energy” really.
Friday Night, I picked Hermia up from rehearsal and we went to a Karaoke Bar because one of her friends invited us. It was… a Bar that also had Karaoke, and if you’ve never been I’m not sure if the differences between a Karaoke Bar and a Bar with Karaoke can really be sufficiently explained. A Karaoke Bar is designed for drinks, maybe snacks, and singing. A Bar that also has Karaoke is designed to be a BAR and then someone brings Karaoke with them. The place had potential but… between people playing Darts, people playing Pool, the bar area filled with people, and the Karaoke speakers being at 95 decibels with a string of people doing Korn, Linkin Park, Eminem, and Limp Bizkit… it was uncomfortably loud. I’m me so… game for anything… and started filling out a Karaoke Card. Hermia then asked if I could read her the Book of Suggestions. I… I acknowledge my girlfriend is blind and that will come with specific changes in how certain things are done. But reading an entire 900 page song book to her over dangerously loud decibels? That just… that doesn’t make sense. Think of songs you know, love, and/or know the lyrics to… then I’ll see if I can find it in the book. But that… didn’t work so well for her and she wound up just wanting to go home because it was way way too loud. I didn’t end up singing anything because I never submitted the card. Btw- if you’re curious what my songs were?
Lazarus by David Bowie
Down by 311
Lovesong by The Cure
Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie

We came back to my place and she wanted music, so I pulled up a playlist. It wasn’t good enough because she wanted to hear songs she could sing to. This is one of those… things… that has already started to grow between us. She wants to hear music, I put music on. She rejects it because she wants something she can sing to and knows. But when pressed- she has nothing to suggest. If you’re going to demand a certain thing… you need to communicate that thing. Otherwise, it is a demand with a built-in challenge. We went to bed but… something was up, because she wound up sleeping on the couch and I can’t remember why. Took her to her rehearsal… picked her up from rehearsal and got Brad from Nana’s. Hermia wanted to spend the night again and asked if she and Brad could stay. She and I were exceptionally tired, but sure! We got Brad back to mine, set him up with a movie and… Hermia was out like a light. I was fading in and out of consciousness. Then after the movie, time to get Brad to bed. Except the time with Nana had already sunk in. Hard. “Time for bed.” Argument. “Get ready for bed.” Argument. Almost all surrounding WANT hearing NO and arguing. “I want more cookies!” No, it is bed time. “I want more cookies!” No. “WHY NOT?!” I already told you why not. “I wasn’t listening. I just want two more cookies!” No. It is bed time. Get into bed. “I need water. Can I get cookies when I get my water?!” WHAT DOES NO MEAN? Bah! After getting Brad into bed, I proposed that the adults could do bed time, too. After all, Hermia had slept through the movie and I was fading in and out. Hermia objected. She hadn’t gotten to spend “enough” time with me recently and didn’t just want to be unconscious with me and count it time. We stayed up, again listening to music. Before she finally relented and approved going to bed. She let me sleep in until around 9 am on Sunday. Then took her to Rehearsal, took the dogs and Brad to the dog park, then brought them back so Brad could have some video game time. Dropped the dog off at Hermia’s (he vomited on the way back) and dropped Brad off at Nana’s. (She could feed him and watch him until Hermia’s rehearsal was over). I… needed some of my weekend to not be Hermia and Brad.

Apparently, I didn’t get out far enough on that as when I woke up on Monday, I was dead. Like… call in to work, sleep until noon, then vomited (myself) all of the water and food I’d had with the last 24 hours. Unpleasant! But this is also Tech Week for Hermia’s show. SO, I got back in bed… took care of myself until around 5 or 6; and made sure to be over at Hermia’s by 8:00. I’m taking the “sleep shift”… Nana will get him from school, feed him, all that… I give Nana a break so she can go home by a decent time and I watch the kid, house, animals until Hermia comes home. Of course… Hermia comes home around 10:30 and.... well, in this way she’s getting a bit better, I suppose? She isn’t happy that my desire is “Welcome home. Sleep well.” but I was able to get out of the house by 11:30! SO… before midnight is good. I even told her that the requirement is home before midnight and she told me that I hadn’t been like that before.... (and my actual words to her) “yeah, but my body’s been letting me know that needs to change!”

So, I come to work on Tuesday and do my job to the best of my ability. Tonight is Brad’s School Concert, so I’m going to that and helping with the driving/carpool, getting Hermia to rehearsal after the concert. Then Night Shift Babysitting on Wednesday. Going to dress rehearsal to watch on Thursday. From there? I don’t know. I’m sure Hermia will want me to see the show on Friday, then stay the night at my place, and spend Saturday and… I’ll have to figure out what my actual weekend plans are going to be. I absolutely need to get house stuff done. And the Garage Door Opener people never e-mailed me back, so I need to call them. And I have a Tax Meeting on Wednesday during my lunch hour. The Deck People sent me something about “Maybe late March maybe” but… Deck and Yard are the big projects that are supposed to get done this year and… we’ll see what happens! But I need the garage door fixed; and I’d like to get more of my living space… relaxing and comfortable.

OH… though… there is one thing that is HUGE that just adds more stress everywhere. Kinky Boots is really a 2 Star situation. You have Charlie and Lola/Simon.
Our theater doesn’t do understudies. Community Theater, not exactly something we can do all that easily.
Despite learning why they might be necessary with Mr. Price… who first, didn’t have an actor… then had an actor… then that actor died.
The person they cast as Lola/Simon? Was in a massive car crash. Like… is borrowing one of my cane’s to get around… like.... sits in the audience to sing during Rehearsals now. This show is deeply cursed and if they can’t get Lola show-ready by Thursday? If they don’t have a Lola/Simon for this production? I just… I don’t know what they’re going to do! I’ve never seen a show cancelled due to Actor Injury/Illness. We will certainly see what happens!

TrippyNina February 27, 2024

Does Hermia ever consider your feelings and job?

woman in the moon February 27, 2024

You lead an interesting life.

Purple Dawn February 28, 2024

You are giving an awful lot in this relationship. Take care,

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