4 Shows Down in Whatever Will Be Will Be

  • Feb. 5, 2024, 2:30 p.m.
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Three to go. I am massively going to miss this cast and this show. I realize Hermia is chomping at the bit for it to be over and I will benefit from having more time on my hands but… I have loved this show and I love my cast. Most shows, by the last performance… I’m ready to go. Either too tired, too sore, too busy, or done the whole thing too many times. But that isn’t the case with this show. I am truly going to miss Book Club.

hippiechica15 February 05, 2024

That is an amazing feeling!

Purple Dawn February 05, 2024

I'm glad you're really enjoying this experience.
Make sure you go to the wrap up party or whatever they have and enjoy yourself!

Amaryllis February 05, 2024

love this for you :)

Fawkes Gal February 13, 2024

Awww. <3

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