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  • Jan. 25, 2024, 3:50 p.m.
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  1. Thing is, we all deserve happiness but no one deserves happiness at anyone else’s expense. We all deserve love but no one particular person owes us love. All we can do is try to treat others well and stumble through life in good faith with eyes open.

  2. Santa Claus has Glad Bod.

  3. Youtube would probably be more civil if there were an actual lynx in the description.

  4. Edison stole Tesla’s ideas, Musk so very dim all he could do was steal the man’s name.

  5. If you play Sorry as a drinking game, the dice dome becomes a Popov-matic bubble.

  6. If it looks like it comes easy, it isn’t real. If someone’s trying to make it like it comes easy, they’re either insane or they’re lying to you or both.

  7. A youtube channel where you have to try and hold a series of short conversations with a worsening-succession of knuckle-dragging Joe Rogen style idiot podcasters, while still trying to plug your newest movie or whatever, called THE HATE ONES.

  8. “We can’t have universal health care, it’s impossible.” “But every other first world nation on Earth made it work.” “Now, pleasure domes on Mars for the rich people, that’s something to shoot for!”

woman in the moon January 25, 2024

Oh god you're brilliant.
I know it but I don't always read you and I wonder why.
Am I jealous?
Or does it hurt to much to think?
Either one, I guess.
Thank you anyway.

littlefallsmets woman in the moon ⋅ January 25, 2024

Aw, thank you so much. Sorry I'm not a great noter-back always, my life is really busy right now.

Squidobarnez January 25, 2024

you are a true brethren, Mike. high-five-dap-hugs

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