Massive Content Warning in Whatever Will Be Will Be

  • Jan. 23, 2024, 9:44 p.m.
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I hate writing on my phone but this will have to do.

Yesterday, I grabbed a rapid lunch and ate it quickly. Then I went back to work. Where I threw up into my trashcan in my office ruining my tie and my employee i.d. BUT… if it was just a bad food reaction or something… I figured that would be it. Went to my trial courtroom. Vomited into the trial courtrooms trash. Finished what I needed to do, went back to my office… veered off to the bathroom… threw up in the toilet. Went to my office and threw up literally everything in my stomach to the point where I was making terrible Noises like I was dying.
SO… I WENT HOME. Had to tell my rehearsal I wouldn’t make it. THREW UP AT HOME Despite having fucking nothing in my gut!!

I figured sleeping would be enough to get me healthy enough for work and rehearsal on Tuesday. But… despite nothing in my gut- I still had to “poop” every 90 minutes to 2 hours. Or much much more frequently if I was awake enough to pump fluids. And every “poop” was like peeing from my butt.

So… since I couldn’t trust myself to be okay away from a restroom… and the courthouse only has 1 and it is in the basement: I couldn’t go to work. And since I couldn’t trust myself to be okay from a restroom… and being on stage prevents me from accessing a restroom as needed: I couldn’t go to rehearsal… again.

My ribs feel terrible (of course) and I am worried about… just everything. I need to go back to work, I need to go back to rehearsal, and (of course) I need to do the house stuff that I’ve needed to do but was too weak the last 42 hours to accomplish.

What is really weird?
The burping and gastric shit reminds me IDENTICALLY of when I accidentally poisoned myself on farro a few years back.
BUT multiple people I went to High School with this week have been complaining of vomiting, gut pain, gastric distress. People living out of state, in state, multiple places! So, either something big is going around… or there is a conspiracy related to WDM circa 2000.

Purple Dawn January 24, 2024

You don't need to go to work or to rehearsal. You need to get better. There is a very nasty flu this year that is taking quite a while for some people to shake. I hope you feel better soon.

hippiechica15 January 24, 2024

Tim is doing the same thing right now and I am praying it's not a norovirus and I do not catch it...PLEASE stay home.

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