Procrastinating and Fresh Air in Everyday Ramblings

  • Jan. 23, 2024, 2:27 p.m.
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I did take a couple of photos today but didn’t think you would be interested in crocus shoots just coming through the moss or a big pile of vegetable matter piled on a raised bed in a garden I keep an eye on, so I chose this. This building, torn down now is a bit worse for wear. I think that is how we are all feeling around here.

Taken on this day back when I was working downtown. There are only a few criteria I use for choosing photos for my pages here. The picture needs to be either representative of the time of the post or the mood of the post. And if not the same day, the same day on a previous year. That’s what this one is.

We are fully thawed now. Just a few patches of decorative ice and random piles of dirty gravelly snow on the main roads. Yesterday I wandered out and checked the bus stop. Today it was clear and so I went to the grocery for the first time in ten days. The fresh air is restorative, and the freedom of movement additionally so.

I decided to wear a mask because I haven’t interacted with many people in person in the last little while, four to be precise, and three of those quite briefly. I am glad because the buses were full of college students resurfacing and getting back to class. Oh, hello, mass of humanity. Even though I am fully vaccinated I still feel vulnerable because I haven’t been sick in almost three years.

It would be nice to stay that way and it appears Kes, my sister, might be visiting this next weekend and she is immune compromised. I am struggling a bit with allergies as I am not taking anything for them. Runny nose, irritated eyes that sort of thing. A year-round thing here that gets worse as we get closer to spring and we are indeed getting closer to spring, in spite of the full-on expression of winter we just came out of.

It turns out that the current League Treasurer is on a completely different schedule than me, she of late nights, me of early ones. We finally came up with a compromise and have a Zoom date tomorrow evening. I hope to get enough answers to my questions so that I can stop procrastinating on the budget. A state of affairs I am not enjoying.

All I want to do, besides basic chores, exercise and teaching is read books.

I need to get back to working on strength gains, working on the book project, seedlings for the garden, tax preparation and a few cooking projects, getting rid of stuff.

Here it is the 23rd of January and yet all I want to do is read.

The other thing I need to do is figure out what are the most filling foods and then start working them into my eating habits. After tracking what I eat and respective protein and fiber intakes for over a year I know exactly what I need to do to shed a few pounds. And no, it is not taking Ozempic, with all those side effects and expense.

It doesn’t matter how much or what kind of exercise I do, though there are plenty of other reasons to get lots of exercise.

What I need to do is eat less. About 200-300 calories less a day.

It seems like it should be simple, right? Could you explain that back to me at, oh say 7PM, after class? Sigh. I need to eat more filling foods during the day so in the evening when I have a modest snack it doesn’t put me over the line.

A small personal frustration that. In the grand scheme of things not important when one looks at how much suffering is going on in the world. Cruelties upon cruelties. But still a preoccupying factor in the present.

I am just glad I made it through the weather event without any additional hardship after the lockout and that we have little passing bits of blue sky and sun today.

Now I think I will get on with procrastinating and listen to my current audiobook.

Last updated January 23, 2024

Jinn January 23, 2024

We are all mostly “ wintering. Full of plans but the energy to get at it is not quite there yet :-)

noko Jinn ⋅ January 24, 2024

Such a good way of putting it.

Jinn noko ⋅ January 24, 2024


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