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  • Jan. 23, 2024, 1:29 a.m.
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Well split my d!€# and call me Caitlyn I was in such a good mood today, I didn’t even think that was possible.

Why is this happening? How can I do this again? Why can’t I just feel like this all the time? I kept asking myself.

I’m just waking up from my old-people nap and that glorious mood is gone. It’s been replaced with the dread of having to study for my chem exam tomorrow. I spent hours on it last night, it went pretty well. I tapped out at 10 because by 9 I am dead tired and can’t function. 10 PM is 3 AM in old people time.

I felt tested today. I had faced everything that brings my mood down and my good mood did not break. Seriously, what happened? I want to make that default setting.

I am considering taking a second class next semester. I might try the physics class again. It’s unfinished business as I dropped it and hate feeling like the failure that I am. I might need it to for my bachelor of science that I need for medical school. What’s the opportunity here? I asked myself as I am dropping down to part-time at work next month. It would be 4 school nights a week. 3 hours each class. I would have extra days off to sleep and study. I don’t know what to do just yet but I have to decide tomorrow. The physics class was too math heavy for me but I think I can handle it if I have extra time off to study.

I saw an ad online about learning Naturopathy. I’ll look into it this weekend. I suspect that it is not about getting certification but we shall see. Couldn’t hurt. It’s the educational goal anyway. I want to get my doctorate for it. I then want to teach it. I want to teach it to elders and knowledge keepers across the continent to return some knowledge that was stolen from First Nations people. Honour my ancestors that way. Serve your community. A voice said to me last year when I was waking up. It sounded like my late grandmother.

However, in this Vatican owned system that we are accepting as our government, I am expected to have a license to practice anything because that’s what freedom is. Freedoms are privileges that can be taken away. We went full-retard a long time ago. Our nations have already fallen. There are only 4 laws that exist. We can’t cause each other harm. We can’t trespass. We can’t disturb the peace and we cannot break a contract. Contract law is what was used to get us off the law of the land and onto a make believe citizen ship that uses the Vaticans law of the sea. We never stopped to ask what our signatures were. I now use authorized signatures to keep my rights intact. We wave them all whenever we sign a document. We forgo our rights and enter someone else’s jurisdiction. Of course, fraud vitiates everything. We need to learn how to operate our person. That’s the revolution we need. We can become solvent and make this system solvent and work for us again.

We don’t need a license to do things that are lawful. It’s a trick. Jordan Peterson, up here in Chinada, is losing his psychology license because his freedom of expression is just a privilege, apparently. Naturopaths aren’t allowed to talk about things like vaccines. Terrain theory exposes allopathy as the cause of disease. Brain damaged idiots can’t wrap their vapid little heads around it. We cannot poison ourselves to health. Symptoms are the cure, suppressing them creates all those disease states. Vaccines, especially this new gene therapy masquerading as a vaccine, are today what safe and effective showers were in 1945 Germany. It’s slow and quiet and big pharma gets to milk every symptom along the way. The symptoms are trying to clean up that mess but we are superstitious and think we are possessed by a virus. Something not proven to exist in nature. The neurotoxins they spray in the air and pour into our water are to keep us too dumb to understand that. Very effective as nobody who refuses to believe that germ theory is baseless can actually refute it. We are in the dumb ages.

They are putting reserves in the city, in my city at least. I’m thinking that can be my loophole. I can teach from there and open my clinic there. My wellness centre. It will be a PMA (private members association). I will charge one cent for a membership. Government mandates will not apply there. They don’t apply anywhere as mandates are not laws. Their policies are not laws, period. Corporations cannot make laws. A PMA is just a blind spot, so to speak. However, anything registered no longer becomes mine. It would be a government owned business. I gotta get keener on this.

How often do you think of the Roman Empire? Civil law is ancient Roman law for conquered territory. We are so indentured in this Roman Empire we can’t even see that a judge is a fucking priest.

My coffee is done. Time to hit the books. I should also learn Spanish so I can escape to Mexico or souther when Canada falls to the Chinese run UN/WHO/WEF. We reached herd stupidity, our digital IDs and currencies are en route. Same with Universal Basic Income. Blah blah blah existential dread, the cable news suicide cult is too brainwashed to see the writing on the wall blah. In $cience name, amen.

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