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  • Jan. 18, 2024, 9:42 p.m.
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My nerves are shot. My anxiety is hit or miss, I am noticing. At least it is just triggered by normal circumstances, like a test. It barely took me ten minutes to write the test today. This unit was easy. I have my exam on Tuesday so I have to get in a lot of studying. Last night, I managed to find a hack for myself. I found a way to boil an entire unit down to a paragraph and my muscle memory kicks in after that. Reminds me of Giordano Bruno’s memory wheel. I’ll see if I can manage to do that for every unit this weekend.

After my test, I left for the gym. We are not learning anything new, she was just there to help us study. I probably should have but I really wanted to go to the gym. It’s just what I have to do after a test to burn off the adrenaline. Before I left, everybody who was there was just shooting the shit with our teacher. I asked her if she heard of a torus field. She hadn’t, I explained that it is the antithesis of the atomic atom. I gave her something to research for fun, again.

On the topic of giving people things to research, my supervisor still has a cough. She is reluctant to go see a doctor. She’s also reluctant to see a holistic doctor because of an unpleasant experience (they dismissed her concerns). I told her to look into colloidal silver and I brought her my bottle of magnesium supplements. I suck at pills so I wasn’t using it. I take my magenisum topically. I also gave her some breadcrumbs for terrain theory if she should be so inclined. A few other things to look into for herself. Mind you, she is a smoker so I don’t know what she expects when she gets a cough.

Connie left work early because her stomach was in pain. Aman was looking rough so I thought it was related because they all tried somebody’s cheeseball. Aman was experiencing bad menstrual cramps. I told her to research Wild Yam’s Cream. I got her to take a screenshot of it from my phone, it is available on Amazon. Aman jumped on it because every time she complained about something I gave her a suggestion and it worked. She calls me a witch. Meanwhile, she is the one who used to be a pharmacist. She’s an interesting character. Very much a Sagittarius.

I was fighting with myself last night to study and in my desperate procrastination, I almost bought $65 worth of shampoo and body wash. I opted out but I will probably use girl math and just buy it all slowly. I’m trying to stop my excess spending. My exception is plants, apparently. I’ll compulsively buy those. I just bought another one. A vine plant that is nice and full to hang from my macrame plant hanger in the corner of the room that doesn’t get much light. Actually, after I hung it up I noticed that my picture had fallen off the wall. Somebody on the floor upstairs has some young guys who need to violently run down the stairs almost every hour throughout the day and throughout the night. I think they sell drugs. They knocked it off my wall. It’s the one that my late grandmother gave to me on her deathbed when I was kid. It was a gift from my father to her. When my grandfather passed away last summer, I went to my sisters and dug it up and restored it to the best of my ability. The frame is broken from the abuse it just endured but I managed to make it work. I used something better to hang it up.

Speaking of hanging things up, fuck Justin Trudeau and his bitch whore Deputy Crime Minister.

I heard talking in my hallway this afternoon after I got home from work. It was the police. They were responding to a noise complaint. They are not loud. Where were these guys when my crackwhore neighbour was at her worst? We have a psycho old hag who is the one who probably called the cops on the guy over nothing. She was the one pulling the fire alarm until my roommate confronted her. There are a lot of characters in this building. I kind of want to move but only because I want more light in my suite. I want lots of windows. Big windows. If I had my way I would move outside the city and away from people. Everybody hates me and the feeling is mutual.

Speaking of moving… the medical school I want is in Calgary. I need a bachelor of science first and I am wondering if I should just move there and get that there? My heart breaks at the thought of being so far from my niece and nephew. However, I will also be closer to my brother and his sons who I have yet to meet. I am aiming to fly there this summer.

Oh, the team that came to do that massive project at my store had their last day today. I’m a big personality, I smooze everyone and Chelsea came for my number before she left. I don’t want to read into it but I think… this is supposed to be something that I am supposed to read into. Of course, I still have a guy brain so I just assume everything means take me I’m yours.

Speaking of things being in me… lol, no. I’m keeping this entry PG17

Anyway, I suppose I shall try to sleep now.

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