Father Trump, Vivek, and the Influencers in Poetry

  • Jan. 18, 2024, 10:01 a.m.
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Father Trump, Vivek, and the Influencers [Video]

Vivek is definitely the future of the party.

Cathy January 18, 2024

Vivek has definitely shown he has the ability to unite people--in his individual interactions with people.

I was disappointed that that was not obvious in the debates. People who already like him (like me, haha) may have watched many interviews. But some people just watch the debates. And they form their opinions based on what they see there. I also think some people who were initially drawn to him were turned off by his snarky remarks.

I'm disappointed he didn't gain more momentum.

Raphael Tiriel Cathy ⋅ January 23, 2024

According to the documents I read in 1998, he has to be the person the author described as The Great Uniter. Let time work the details and have faith. Don't give up yet. I believe Trump had two terms or a part of a term before he came into the picture. If he picks him as VP, then everything is still on the right path. Let's see what time does.

Cathy Raphael Tiriel ⋅ January 23, 2024

What are the documents and author you refer to?

Raphael Tiriel Cathy ⋅ January 25, 2024

Something someone gave me in 1998. I do not know where the documents came from. The guy said the library, but I doubt that. I was given documents in the past about the future. I've been right thus far about the events from 2001 to the present day.

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