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  • Sept. 28, 2014, 8:39 p.m.
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Not a big deal.

Saturday Will’s family wanted us over for drinks / party. But before we came Will’s nephew got in a fight with a neighborhood kid and Will’s sis went running to break it up and fell and scratched up her hands and bruised her ribs so it was a kinda low key night.

Also Will’s mom mentioned selling her house to her kids for 1 $ so they could get more assistance. Cause as homeowners they don’t get much. And Will would do it! Anything for his family…

i love Will but we’re gonna be ruined by his parents bad financial decisions.

I tried to gently tell him we might as wellet his parents file for bankruptcy and ruin our credit now. Cause if we “buy “their house, when they die, we won’t be able to pay off their house and the bank will take it and our credit will be ruined later on anyway.

And in typical Will fashion he put his head in the sand and didn’t answer me.

Nothing’s happening immediately anyway. I assume they need a lawyer, etc. So I’m not too worked up yet.

The loan thing he did before he knew me. But I wonder what would happen if I put my foot down and said: No, I’m not getting further involved in his family’s debt by ” buying “their house.

I wonder…

In other news I bought a 48 pack of Costco brand 5 hr energy.

Taking 5 hr energy everyday will prob give me a heart attack but I have zero energy other wise.

I can’t continue to work 9 hours, come home, eat dinner, sleep 10 hours and go back to work and have no life.

I want to exercise, I want to read, I wasn’t to use my Rosetta stone, I need to clean and love on my cats. I need to DO things and I don’t have the energy and I’m tired of it

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