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  • Jan. 14, 2024, 4:56 p.m.
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So we made breakfast and then I decided to start going through all my mail and personal documents to either put in my safe or shred. I either need to buy a big safe or another lock box. I’m really annoyed that people have came to my house where they’ve snooped or stolen stuff so I have to always be aware of what’s left out. No one ever really comes over but I still feel the need to be prepared, especially if anyone comes when I’m either not home or not awake. I’m tired of always having to be in survival mode.

I’m just trying to clean and get things done today. We’re on a break until Wednesday. It’s still negative degrees outside but it’s not as bad as yesterday.

It’s nice to just be at home though. I like my job and everything but it’s nice to get a break. Things are going pretty well. We were about to leave Thursday night and they were talking to me about making sure I know it’s okay to ask for help or if I need to tap out. The one guy I work with said, “we just don’t want you to quit” which made me feel good because it’s like they’ve noticed I do a good job. I’m definitely more comfortable every day that I’m there. I need to finish my online stuff because we get paid for it and it’s worth 6 hours.

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