3 day weekend in just testing

  • Sept. 2, 2014, 4:32 p.m.
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annnd it kinda sucked.

I watched a lot of movies at home alone.

Teach came over to visit and we planned out her fantasy wedding to this guy she’s been seeing for 4 months. They wanna get married in the Bahamas. I’m gonna go - she’s my best friend, but I can’t give her shit as a present if I have to pay for a flight - and probably a seat belt extender - that’s how my diet went this 3 day weekend - what ev.

Monday was more eventful.

Sunday night, after a 10 hour shift, Will returned to his car and it wouldn’t turn on. No sound, no lights, nothing. He called a friend who lived in the area, and though his battery in only a month old they tried to jump it and it didn’t happen. The friend think’s it’s the starter or a wire connected to the started that is broken.

The friend brought Will home and Will was kinda sad his car being broken but it wasn’t a big deal.

Monday morning he woke up roaring mad about the fact that his car died. He started jumping to conclusions saying that his car was DEAD and he’d have to get another.

I tried to calm him down by telling him that whatever is wrong is very probably fixable. It’s a 8 year old car - it’s gonna have probs. And if we need a new car we’ll finance a new car - we basically just have to accept what comes.

And he was like ” yea right, me get a new car and take on a car payment and have even less In savings and then you’ll be crying about how you have no baby, no house and no cruise”.

Remind me to never vent to Will again - it always blows up in my face.

I can’t talk to him - I know he’s my husband and I should be able to tell him everything but when I do he either 1. takes the opposite side and gets mad at me or 2. acts like he’s ok with it at the time and then throws it in my face.

I didn’t even go into how that made me feel at the time cause I wasn’t trying to fight.

But I’m really done showing Will anything about me and telling Will my feelings cause he doesn’t feel how I feel and just twists my words when I tell him things.

It’s sad.

I drove him to the job in my car. I used my triple A car to get his car towed. My parents picked me up. That was that.

Any of you guys who put your children in day care have probably heard of hand/foot/mouth disease. For those that don’t - I dunno exactly what it is but it makes white bumps appear on the skin [mostly around the hand/feet and inside the mouth. I guess the bumps are filled with pus and you shouldn’t pop them cause it’ll spread them. With medicine eventually the dry up and fall off.

I had a dream that while in my school I noticed the bumps on both my arms and I was concerned and ready to ask to leave cause I didn’t want to spread the disease but then the bumps were getting tighter and feeling like they were going to pop. When they did, blood came out and my arms were all bloody and I was holding my arms out in front of me trying not to get blood and anyone as I was trying to leave the school but the school was a maze with some of the lights not working.

Stupid, scary, dreams…

Well - today was the first day of school I think it went pretty smoothly getting the kids to their classes. Most of the parents were returning and knew where to go - only a handful where really new.

lessoff September 02, 2014

that was a low blow on his part to bring up what you are sad about.

sedentary September 02, 2021

I still haven't learned my lesson and keep venting to him and it keep blowing up in my face

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