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  • Dec. 31, 2023, 10:09 a.m.
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I was looking for a shot that had a bright expansive feel for the new year, so I asked Mrs. Sherlock if we could do the local river walk Friday morning with a potential detour to the portable outdoor ice rink put up for the holidays under the anchor of one of our bridges.

She, sadly, was having some digestive distress so we came back before we got there. There is no way I could have got her skating anyway. But I did get the river picture I was looking for to use in my weekly class reminder. This is a near cousin of that shot.

This week off has been so lovely. Highlighted by all I didn’t do that I normally do.

I am beginning to feel less tired than I have in a long time. It is a subtle thing. It is not like I am bursting with energy, but everything feels easier. I have been listening to audiobooks instead of news or opinion podcasts. I even listened to an audiobook that I had listened to earlier in the year, so I knew what happened but had forgotten details. It was comforting.

Also, one of the guys recommended the Jon Baptiste documentary on Netflix about his wife’s reoccurrence of cancer and second bone marrow transplant while he is getting nominated and winning Grammy awards. Talk about your highs and lows. Wowza. It is quite uplifting, and their house is amazing.

I listened to a long interview with the music producer Rick Rubin who wrote the book on creativity I got earlier in the year. I have mixed feelings about Rick Rubin, but he is an interesting guy and he produced Jon Baptiste’s latest album.

Rick Rubin and another one of the coffee guys both recommended A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs so I started listening to that. It is a podcast, and I am only on episode six but enjoying it enormously. You may remember I made a stab at swing dancing back in the day, which is how indirectly I met Mr. Finch, and the early shows are like visiting old friends. Bands my mother liked, then bands that copied the bands of the 40’s that played for the few years I tried and failed to be good at swing. I enjoyed the attempt.

He is only on song 171, so there is much more to learn and enjoy there.

I admit there has been some unstructured solo dancing occurring in the kitchen this week as a result.

Speaking of the kitchen I made a batch of the molasses spice cookies as gifts for Christmas day that were particularly good and appreciated. I appear to be communicating with Mr. Sherlock through cookies.

And yesterday I got some fresh orange blossom water (mine was two years old) and earlier I got some fresh cardamom to replace the (I kid you not, eek) 18-year-old cardamon in my cupboard. And now I have flax seed meal to use as an egg replacement, I can make another batch of the Orange Blossom Snickerdoodles that is vegan.

The one interesting thing this week is that I have had an opportunity to reacquaint myself with my inner Princess. Without going into detail, during the week there have been a couple of times where I have been left to wait for indefinite periods of time in the cold wind. No one is to blame for this but oh baby she does not see it that way. Who knew such an entitled whiny entity was still going strong in there waiting for the trigger to set her off.

We had a chat. I calmed her down, she did not make a scene but oh boy did she want to. As if that would have helped anything. At least now I know that she is there, and I can try to do stuff to make her feel heard and more comfortable as things like this will, on occasion, continue to happen. Especially now that I am more out in the world than I have been since I left the horrid job.

She does have a lot of energy. Hopefully I can harness her huff and use it in more creative ways.

I do hope your turning into the New Year is a joy, even little ones count. Me, I am going to be curled up asleep with Carlo as I have an early class tomorrow and will be back up in the saddle.

Much to do in the New Year.

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woman in the moon December 31, 2023

I wonder if I have an inner princess. I'll have to keep my eyes open.
I love your photo.
I somehow came across Portland's Ford Building and found it interesting. It was built in 1914 to manufacture Model Ts. I think it's near the new footbridge.

noko woman in the moon ⋅ December 31, 2023

Yep, it is on the other side of the river. What you don't see in the pictures are the homeless encampments that surround it. It does have an awesome mural and I look forward to that part of the city being safe and navigable again. When I was in Seattle a few years ago I stayed in a hotel that used to be a residence for auto maker managers and specialists. I loved loved that building. Similar.

woman in the moon noko ⋅ January 01, 2024

If you could wave a magic wand - what would you do for the homeless? I can't think of anything myself - there has to be a solution, especially as a fantasy. Life is just so unbalanced. Here and in the world. I am upset about the wars and the starving dogs for heaven't sake.
Not a good new years eve.
I hope you are having a good one - or at least a neutral one.
Is there a story about the mural on the Ford Building? I read about the building but didn't find a story about the painting. I could look harder I guess.

Happy new year - it's what we have.

noko woman in the moon ⋅ January 01, 2024

Hmm. The mural is not actually on the Ford Building but next to it. Here is some info on it...
I have heard a number of panels locally with people that truly know what they are doing saying the approach to the homeless issue has to be multi faceted. We need available detox and drug treatment, affordable mental and general health services, legal support services, more affordable housing, it doesn't have to be fancy, like the old SROs, with a goal of integrating troubled and disaffected folks back into communities. There is a place two blocks from me that does a lot of that, a transitional apartment building with services and in spite of my concern when it was built it has been just fine.

woman in the moon noko ⋅ January 01, 2024

Have you moved to the new 750?
I was going to do it today, but it seems like a lot of work.
I have a lot of 'writing' 'stored' there.
Such a funny life. Writing from my kitchen table into nowhere.
I could have written 'something' with all that mental 'energy'.

I've been watching Friends clips on youtube. There's one with Joey's understanding and misunderstanding of air quotes that is funny and touching.

I suppose we're all friends too - upper or lower case- in or out of quotes.

noko woman in the moon ⋅ January 01, 2024

I moved to the new 750. Awhile ago. All the old stuff is still there under the old log in. I love getting the confetti when I get to 750 Words. I always think of what I write there (this is just me) as throat clearing and getting stuff out of top of mind and do my "serious" writing elsewhere. We are all different that way. I think it helps my state of mind and my mood and think of it as a mental health tool more than a place to write.

Jinn January 01, 2024

I like that shot ! Happy 2024 !

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