Wrong Once Again in All other relationships

  • Sept. 1, 2014, 8:32 p.m.
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It looks like I was wrong after all to think that the end was near. After Lou told me Friday pm that he wasn’t coming, he came anyways. It was late but it was something. He just didn’t think he was going to get here before I went to bed. There was a problem with his car and he had to get a rental car to get around in. He came the next morning too. In the morning we were in bliss. We were able to spend time together uninterrupted. It was the feeling he was giving to me that melted me. He just has that way about him. He is good and true.
We were just talking and laughing and looking at pics from his vaca. Finally we started kissing. When he started kissing my neck it was all over for me. The launch sequence was activated. We were kissing and caressing. My hand finally made it to his erection. Shortly after that, his hand was teasing my wet… . He was really into it with me. It’s like he read my mind because while I have NO complaints in the bedroom I have been thinking about how much I wanted him to use his hand down there on me. He always does my fav things so this was just a desire that came out of no where. While we were masturbating each other I realized that this was it. I remembered when we were first starting to have sex with each other he had his finger inside of me and he said he was thinking about fucking me without a condom then. So while I was flooded with desire I whispered in his ear “You know your dick wants to know how that feels… to be inside of me like that”. We just kept going like that for a while. Finally I asked him “Don’t you want to fuck me”? He said “You know I do”. He hesitated another minute. Then he turned me over, looked me over, played with my backside a little and then… he went for it. He put it in… without the condom. Honestly, I felt like crying. I was so happy. It was such a big moment for us. It was just fantastic for me. The emotional attachment at that moment was just beautiful. The only thing is that he didn’t cum. As soon as he finished, I immediately felt guilty for trying to get him to do that. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that he may not do it like that from now on. He didn’t cum… he may have been holding back, making sure not to cum. Idk… I may be over thinking all that so I’m going to put it on a back burner and see what happens.
Either way… before he left he was saying he had to bring the rental car back. I encouraged him to make sure his car was actually fixed before returning the rental. He insisted it would be fine. I told him to just call me if he needed a ride to work or anything. Much to my surprise he actually took me up on my offer. I picked him up at his place. That was my first time there but it was dark so there was no way I would remember anything about how to get there. I took him to work and picked him up again yesterday am. Actually… it was yesterday am that we made love. We did that when he was waiting to get his car back. When I took him to get his car. we stopped at his place so he could get something (I still haven’t been in his place but this is a start). Then I took him to get his car. He made sure I found my way back to the highway. He came over again this am… not feeling too good. I gave him some yogurt and gave him a massage. I was definately hoping for some more good love but when he’s not feeling good… it is what it is.
He did tell me about another business venture that he’s been working on but he was afraid to tell me about before because he didn’t want to jinx himself. It is definitely coming to fruition now though and I was sooooo beyond happy for him. It is part of his dream come true. It also explains a lot more about what was happening last week.
So there was just so much emotion condensed into this short little time. It only deepened the feelings I already have for him. I am so happy for him. I am so in love with him. I love having these happy feelings again.
As the weekend ends, I do have more laundry to do before I go to bed. I have to be up bright and early for work.
Happy September!

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