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  • Dec. 21, 2023, 2:34 p.m.
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Middle brother got mom a new TV as a surprise Christmas gift. Only problem is the HDMI cable he gave us was bad and I really don’t feel like braving holiday shoppers to get a new one right now. So we’re watching one of the many extra CBS channels on antenna. Never watched Chicago PD before but what the hell, it’s entertaining background noise for now.

I clipped (and shaved) my chest and belly because I have ADHD and clippers are fun. Lol
I’m so freakin’ itchy from all the shave bumps.

Fiddy-five daze sober.

I woke up not feeling so great yesterday.
Headache, sinuses hurt, sore throat. Spent most of the day wrapped up sleeping with the space heater on. Today I feel up to par. Guess I needed the rest.

Speaking of sleep, I’m ready for a nap. Been a busy day with last minute shopping. 🙄

Hours later…

My mid bro brought over a new HDMI cable and got the TV squared away. I’m currently watching reruns of No Reservations in HD. RIP Anthony Bourdain. I miss you you beautiful bastard.

Mom decided to cash in one of her gift cards tonight so we had Ichiban for dinner. We both got the filet mignon and scallops dish. The two younger couples sitting at the hibachi grill with us were a trip. Our chef was hilarious. Second day on the job, hopefully we were his last table. It was around 7:30 PM by that point and he said he had been there since 10 AM. He bs’ed with us the whole time he cooked. The redheaded guy of the younger couples kept knocking back the sake the chef offered him ON TOP of the two cocktails he already had. Of course he offered me sake but I turned him down. When he asked why I told him last time I drank I was arrested. Half truth but yeah…

At the recommendation of a friend I’m currently reading The Book Thief. So far I’m digging it. Now if she’ll get around to reading A Confederacy Of Dunces I’d be happy lol

The joke there is I’ve plugged it a dozen or so times already to her.

I’m freakin’ itchy tonight! My back and arms are driving me bonkers.

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