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  • Nov. 22, 2023, 8:01 a.m.
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So, the tow truck driver that came to jump my car....I have one helluva story. So he literally brought me a battery, installed it and then wouldn’t let me pay him. I thought that was super nice and I told him how much I appreciated it. It’s shocking to me that someone who doesn’t even know me would help out like that. Unfortunately, the car still wouldn’t start so I had to put in for a tow and it’s currently at a shop. I’m praying to God that the bill isn’t going to be insane and the car comes back to me tomorrow because they aren’t open on Thanksgiving. I’m going crazy not being able to get in and go when I want.

My brother came earlier and took me to get my fingerprinting done and I got my medication. The tow truck driver called and offered to bring us dinner. I told him it’s okay that we are good on food. He insisted so I was like okay that’s fine. He brings us dinner and then wanted to take my daughter to get a toy. I walked outside with him and my daughter where she was informed she was gonna go with him. She gave me a look but I was like it’s fine, they are just going down the street.

They weren’t gone but 15 minutes but I will say I wasn’t really into a total stranger taking my kid, I just didn’t really know how to say something. She totally liked him and I felt better about the whole thing. He was telling me and showing me pictures of this amazing new car he bought and had it parked at his parent’s restaurant on the other side of town. I found that odd and wondered if he had a home. He then said something about getting a room for the night and I immediately decided he needs to go. I didn’t want him trying to spend the night.

I said that my brother was coming to get us and we were gonna have to go watch his kid because his girlfriend was sick. He took the hint right away, got up and hugged us and left. I do think there’s such a thing as people being ‘too nice’ and he definitely fits that mold. I think he’s a really nice guy by nature but I don’t want to get tied in with anyone. It’s a good thing that he has a job but I seriously think he’s homeless. He mentioned wanting us to buy a house together and that’s absolutely insane. Like what?!

My daughter is super upset because she really likes the guy and wanted to have a sleepover. I explained to her that we don’t know him and we need to give things time. I think he’s very nice too but adult friendships are different than how it is for kids. She cried and I feel really bad but this is a lot of the reason I don’t bring anyone around. Most people are temporary and feelings get hurt. This makes me super glad that I haven’t tried to date and if I do, it’ll be a REALLY long time before I bring that person around my daughter. She’s still really mad at me for him not staying but I am not trying to be up all night. I don’t sleep well if other people are here, I wouldn’t even attempt to with someone I barely know.

Maybe I ready way too much into things because of my trauma but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Sometimes I get so mad at myself for being hyper vigilant but it’s just part of my personality. I can’t help it. I’ve had more bad things happen to me than I’ve ever had good so my mind is just constantly waiting for things to end up like shit. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him again but spending the night isn’t going to happen. I wish I wouldn’t have had so many terrible things happen to me but I can’t change it.

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