Secondhand Vertigo in Current Events

  • Nov. 20, 2023, 3:08 p.m.
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My empathy is on the fritz. I have a buddy writing about his vertigo on here and I’ve been losing my balance all day. I was washing my face this morning and had my eyes closed. I felt I was tipping forward just in time. I almost smashed into my mirror. Then there was an episode on a ladder at work today. A few times I have been jetting dizzy and woozy. The woozy is just me being a tired old man… unless that is coming from him too? Lol

Speaking of work, there is a plot twist. I haven’t had my interview yet for the store side. My supervisor told us that they are piloting a new position at another store. A leadership role that will come between the store side and our side, the merchandisers. That role sounds like fun. I mentioned it and she’s going to talk to her boss about it to see if that’s something they can groom me for.

I decided to break the ice and talk to Brady, just a guy at work. I figured since I talked about him with Marcello. We were talking about how ripped he has been getting. He goes to the gym two hours everyday. He’s such quiet guy. He’s at the bottom of the pecking order. Has no personality. I can’t tell if there is there something deeper going on. He’s an aspiring firefighter. He’s just drop dead gorgeous I can’t stand it. Is nobody else seeing it? He makes me hate myself lol.

When I look in the mirror I’m like “it’s been over two months I should I have something to show for it.” And nada. It’s mission impossible for someone like me to get gains.

I feel less stressed about tomorrow’s test. I studied last night and I think after I study tonight I’ll be very confident.

Anyway, time to start my coffee enema lol TMI

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