11/12/23 in 2023

  • Nov. 12, 2023, 5:57 p.m.
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Yesterday was 11/11 for my witchy friends…speaking of, one just messaged me!

Anyway, started physical and occupational therapy at the end of last month. It’s going well so far. I have yet to schedule speech therapy. One of the recommendations of occupational therapy was to get a psychologist, so I messaged 4. I’ve heard back from 2 so far. I also have one of the fancy roller walkers with the seat now on loan; I can actually go for outdoor walks again soon now.

Since I’m on disability now and money is tighter, I had to cancel my Children International sponsorship and sobbed. I’ve been active with them since at LEAST 2016 :( I also unfollowed all the crystal pages I buy from in a bid to get me out of the cycle.

One of my occupational therapy tasks is to practice typing more, so this is perfect. I also just bought one of the huge bouncy balls filled with water and sparkles, which is good for another exercise (the sparkles are purple btw). Also at the new Dollar General, I got a plant pot I like that I think I’ll put my Monstera in.

Having my best friend memorialize my sister’s facebook, because I can’t do it since I’m not a friend and Dad is too busy while traveling. I read through people still wishing her “happy birthday” every year yesterday and got pissed off. Her laptop is updating and she has to work at 10, so let’s hope she has the time! Idk what will happen, but I definitely can’t write on it now so it can’t get any worse.

Loving SIMS Mobile on the second try, now that I understand it. Did the baby event many times before it actually recognized it and let me have children. Now 3/4 of my Sims have kids…one of them is blue? I like them in the game because they don’t interrupt your life or make any noise.

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