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  • Nov. 4, 2023, 11:39 a.m.
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So, I had an interview at McDonald’s this morning before I went to my thing. The lady was super nice and just told me that they don’t have any openings for my availability but would send a message to another location and see if they did. I was feeling pretty defeated by the time I got to my thing but then I talked to 3 case managers and we’re toying with the idea of me doing Spark because then I’d go into follow along where I’d still get help with car repairs. I’m not sure how much I’d be able to do during the week unless it was busy and we don’t have much going on with weekends so I know my daughter wouldn’t mind coming with but I do worry she’d get bored with it.

I’m concerned because my car is old and has a lot of miles but if I was making my own money, I could save for car repairs or even plan to buy another one. All I know is I feel like the longer I’m on TANF that I’m just getting further behind. I think this would probably be for the best because it’s something I like, I enjoy it, there’s a lot of freedom in it and I know that I can physically handle it.

It’s been a pretty decent day. I’m definitely glad to get all my stuff done and be able to come home, eat lunch, and then take a shower. I’ve been thinking about this since I left there and I honestly plan to do it. It’s either this or keep trying to find a job that isn’t going to work within my daughter’s school hours and even if I were to find something, there’s no promise I’ll be able to handle it physically. My case manager said that maybe I just need to focus on my health for now. I get that but I also want to be making my own money.

I’d rather just do Spark and know that I can do it physically and mentally then keep wasting miles on my car, gas, and efforts going to these interviews where I keep getting turned down because I just don’t have the availability that is required. I also don’t want to worry about getting a job that I’ll have to give up every moment of my spare time. I lived that for 7 years. I gave up every weekend and every holiday and barely saw my child. I like the driving jobs because I’m able to have freedom with my schedule and still have a life outside of it.

Even over the Summer when my daughter was gone, I was making my money and I was super happy. I want to do that again. I like being able to talk on the phone, listen to music, and just vibe. I really think that this would be the best fit for my daughter and myself. It’s not super busy during the day but at night and weekends you can make pretty good money just within a couple of hours.

Just last week, I was told if he pays for 2 months, I’ll lose my TANF grant. There’s no guarantee that I can be there long term either. I would rather just have my own income and be better prepared for what’s going to come next. I know that I can’t rely on CS and I can’t rely on TANF either. I think everything happens for a reason, including this.

But yeah, I’m just chilin and plan to get my kid soon. I’m kinda wanting to go make some money this weekend but haven’t decided just yet. The weather is going to be decent so I’d like to go. I’m hoping to get tires put on next week. She said she wasn’t sure if she needed a second approval but hopefully we’ll get that done soon. I was supposed to do that one interview this morning at 11am but after the McDonald’s thing, I decided to reschedule.

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