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  • Nov. 1, 2023, 11:48 p.m.
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It’s like everything that could have gone wrong absolutely did. I woke up and just struggled to get myself going. I got my daughter dressed and ready. She woke up at 4 saying her ear hurt and I gave her some Tylenol. She said it didn’t hurt a few minutes later but now I’m concerned that she has an ear infection. This is the same stuff that happened last year that prevented me from getting a job. I went to that interview, sat there for 45 minutes and no one ever came to talk to me so I left. It was another morning where I left the house without eating or taking a shower.

I would be really happy if there was ever even 1 morning where there was someone else to get my daughter up and to school so I could actually plan to get myself ready for the day. I’m really sick and tired of being a single Mom because someone refuses to grow the fuck up. It’s Halloween so I’m sure I’ll be hearing from my brother about the DB wanting to go trick or treating and it’s like I’m not allowed to ask anything of him so he shouldn’t have any right to ask anything of me either. I’m where I’m at in my life because of that worthless sack of dog shit so he needs to just leave us the fuck alone.

I have since made and eaten lunch. It’s cold but sunny. I don’t really plan to take her out for long because she’s had a runny nose over the weekend and we are probably going to need to have her ears checked. I really wish that her Dr wasn’t all the way on the other side of town. I’m just really frustrated because I want to plan on working but every time I turn around, something else happens. I’m terrified that I’m going to be sitting in that room forever.

I have another interview tomorrow at 2pm. I don’t have high hopes because of the schedule but I’m going to go anyways and just see what they say. It’s just crazy to me how many places claim to be hiring but never actually hire people and then say how no one wants to work. I’m just beyond frustrated with my whole life and I’m just so ready to say fuck it and not try at all.

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