Roller Coaster in 2014

  • Aug. 26, 2014, 8:30 p.m.
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So much to write about...... this will just be a short one to remind myself to go into more details later.

It just feels like the body blows keep coming to the family.

My grandmother was admitted to the hospital Sunday, and today was taken to a hospice facility. She won’t last much longer. Maybe a couple of days, maybe a month. And two days before her birthday… She’ll be 93 Thursday.

My other grandmother’s still emotionally reeling from losing two kids (my dad and my uncle) last year, and now is dealing with macular degeneration, which is killing her eyesight. For an avid reader and TV person, that’s brutal. Plus she can no longer drive. Add to that that she’s having to take care of my grandfather, and it’s very hard on her.

My grandfather is in earlier stages of Alzheimer’s than my maternal grandmother (the one in hospice) but is also physically not well. Fluid retention and swelling in his legs for a while now, and two hospital trips recently for symptoms of what the doctors believe is prostate cancer.....after surviving colon cancer a decade and a half or so ago.

My aunt (my mom’s sister) was diagnosed about two months ago with early stages of the same form of leukemia that killed my other grandfather back on 2006, after 8 years of fighting it with chemo. She’s in her mid-60’s. thing after another.... and I have no idea how much of a toll this is really taking on me, and probably won’t for quite awhile. My mom’s worn out, my brother and I are as well.

But, I’m dealing with it the only way I know how, and working through it day by day.

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