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  • Oct. 12, 2023, 2:31 p.m.
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So I went and got my appointment done. They’ve prescribed muscle relaxers and something else. I gotta go pick them up today. They want me to do another MRI because it’s been 8 months and they want to see if there’s a change. I’ll get a call to schedule that. My upper back looks really good, she even said it’s ‘picture perfect’ so that makes me happy to hear. My lower back is pretty much done for.

She did tell me that there’s 2 operations that I can do that are outpatient because nothing is fused together. I let her know I would have been a lot more open to surgery had I known this information.

I go to my weight loss consultation tomorrow morning. I’m definitely feeling pretty anxious about it. I don’t know what they’ll say but I’m hoping to get started on a healthy diet or a medication and see if it helps. I’m not super overweight but I could definitely stand to lose a few pounds.

My TANF lady called. I told her about my appointment tomorrow and she still wants me to come in for like an hour but if I don’t feel up to it to just let her know. I don’t want to but I haven’t been there all week. I did tell her I have counseling on Monday and I gotta figure out something because I don’t want to be there on Tuesday. I’m just so glad that my time there is limited because it’s so boring.

It’s another warm day but it gets super cold at night now. I’m definitely not ready for winter because I hate driving in the snow.

My check engine light came on when I was heading home for my appointment. I am not terribly concerned but I haven’t seen it on in about a year. I’m going to check all my fluids because I know that there is an antifreeze leak but it didn’t say it was low coolant. I just hate having extra shit to worry about.

I have medications to pick up but I’ll probably do that after my appointment tomorrow. I’m going to get daughter pretty soon. She asked me to wait a little longer to get her because she doesn’t go after school the next couple of days.

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