Progression in 2023 the year I recover

  • Oct. 6, 2023, 11 p.m.
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As I think about this I realize a project I started the other night that I need to finish. Progress though. I have been deleting my pictures of the ex, or more like moving them to my computer so I don’t have to see them anymore but they still exist. They are memories. I don’t want to lose my memories. Just need him gone.

So last week somehow someone called for a child welfare check. The biggest issue was the number of animals. I have no where to spread them out to. So that stressed me a bit. I had ten days. Those days have gone by. The cops never came back. I’m sure they will. Eventually. I still have all my dogs. I’m trying to get out of here and away from this toxic shit. Everything happens for a reason.

So I wrote about a coworker, what, last entry? About a conversation he and I had. I did go in early that week. I did go pretty much straight to work. Except for one day. He made a comment about me not coming in early, I told him I wanted to make him lonely. I did go in the next day early. And just chat with him. Pointless stuff.

He messaged me one day at lunch and I responded. Then a whole conversation started. Sometimes appropriate, sometimes not. It’s been fun. We went fishing the other day. I had never went fly fishing before. I can’t cast for anything but I had fun. Didn’t catch anything. I hooked myself… skin and waders, though. I guess you can say I’m hooked… on him and freaking fishing. Ugg. Not good. I’ll deal with it. But I’m happy right now.

If only I could get my house stuff figured out. That would be great. I have faith. It will happen.

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