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  • Oct. 6, 2023, 3:43 p.m.
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So since my kid got perfect attendance, they had a special breakfast at school. We got there 20 minutes earlier than normal. I’m always annoyed by this shit because the food is just sweets. It’s seriously yogurt, fruit, cinnamon rolls, juice, and pastries. I want to throw up every time I have to go because I refuse to eat it. I don’t want my kid starting her day eating that junk but it’s just one day so I deal with it.

Then I went and did the coat drive. It’s really sad that it was all Mom’s except for 1 Dad. It’s just crazy how much more involved Mom’s are and that they have to worry about getting the kids what they need. It took about 40 minutes and I was definitely glad to get out of there. I hate having to do this stuff but it’s necessary.

I made a counseling appointment and an appointment with the spine doctor. There’s no school on Monday which was when it was originally scheduled so I had to call back to make it for Wednesday because again, there’s no one to help with my kid outside of school and I won’t even bother asking. I did ask my brother about the 7th and he’ll probably help me out but I’m hoping that my appointment won’t overlap the time she needs to be picked up and I won’t need him to get her.

It’s really disgusting that no one can ever help, even once or twice a year. I did email my caseworker and she said that the employer has until the 16th to respond. Probably won’t get too far with all of that but at least I’ve tried. I don’t see him ever paying, especially with where he’s living now but I keep in mind that he’s got the warrant, they’re able to intercept his taxes, and the amount is still adding up every month.

It sounds like him and the girlfriend are hitting a rocky spot so there’s no promise he’s going to be there forever. I just hope that he understands that this shit isn’t going away and someday he’s going to have to deal with it. I’d rather he not pay it because he’s always used it as leverage when he does. I’m tired of him getting to weaponize anything he does. He hasn’t seen her again in 2 months, hasn’t paid in 3.

I definitely plan to get even more stuff printed out just in case it’s needed. I have plenty of proof of his lies, excuses, drama, mental instability, and chronic abuse. I’m definitely not concerned if we were to ever go to court. He knows he’s chosen to be absent and not give a shit most of her life.

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