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  • Sept. 28, 2023, 7:18 p.m.
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I got my ass in the shower right away at 6am, got my daughter up and ready for school and it was such a good morning. My daughter wasn’t stressing me out and the cats weren’t annoying as shit. I got a breakfast sandwich and a coffee. I had time to get back home and have a minute and then went to my thing for 2 hours. I was able to get a bunch of online stuff done which I’m really proud of. Before, it was super hard because I couldn’t concentrate due to my back pain and now I’m able to get more done because I’m not sitting there dying.

I was able to get some gas and some groceries. I have since made lunch and did dishes. I’ve contacted help for my disability case and I’m waiting for them to call back. I also made an appointment with a place here that helps with that stuff too but it’s not until the 30th. I let my caseworker know that I won’t be there Tuesday for counseling, Wednesday is onboarding and Friday I’m going to a coat giveaway for my kid so I’ll only have to be there Monday and Thursday which is super nice.

A couple of days ago, I noticed that he’s not friends with her or her daughter on Facebook anymore. I wonder who deleted who and what’s going on. He’s finally got a job so it would be just my luck that they decide to split up and then I don’t get CS. There’s not much chance anyway that the employer is going to comply anyways. I’m sure he’s the cause of why they aren’t friends on there anymore. It’s always him because he’s crazy and mean.

I’m definitely glad that I at least have TANF so that I am earning a paycheck. I have pretty minimal bills but I am able to pay them and for that I’m grateful. I do have onboarding Wednesday morning. I don’t know how soon after I’ll have to take that test. I am kind of nervous about that because I’m not a good test taker but I was doing really well with the tests I was taking this morning so that gives me a confidence boost.

My daughter was asking for sugar scrub, Takis, and raspberries this morning so I picked all that up for her. I like being able to get her the stuff she wants. It means so much to me because when I was a kid, I rarely got stuff at the store. My daughter really doesn’t ask for much so when she does, I make sure to get her what she wants.

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