That Was A Bust in Hello

  • Sept. 24, 2023, 2:18 p.m.
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So I drove mom and aunt to the reunion. We were there maybe thirty minutes. My aunt didn’t want to go but Mom was insistent. She said she only knew two people there. While she did her thing I went out on the dock over the water, sat down on the bench and had a smoke. It was peaceful. Sun out, nice steady breeze, sparkling light reflecting off the water. At that moment I really wanted to smoke a joint lol.

After that I drove us to Ichiban where we had a very filling lunch. Then off to the thrift store so they could look for books. Came back to the house to drop stuff off then drove my aunt home. All in all it was a nice day to get out. I ended up not eating dinner (way full still) and dozing off a little past 9 PM. Tossed and turned most of the night so suffice to say I’m still sleepy.

The tooth pain is almost gone. I’m out of antibiotics but still doing the salt swish so it’s helping. Tomorrow I’ll find out more about the assessment for inpatient rehab. Mom has asked me a ton of questions and my answer is always the same. I don’t know, stop asking me questions. Though I really don’t want to go a part of me is ready for it. Kinda torn on the situation.

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