Took it a little far in 2023 the year I recover

  • Sept. 23, 2023, 12:30 a.m.
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So the other day I was upset with the kids for not helping to clean the house. Okay, I was mad and yelling. My oldest (she’s 15) pops off with I don’t do anything to keep the house clean. That made me so very mad. I told her I work nine hours a day and I have school. She says you chose school. I’m like yeah to improve our life. Then I tell her to just stop doing anything then. Go to her room. I was angry enough to tell her to go live with her dad. She said ok. I told her I’d treat her like he does. She said that was fine. Keep in mind this kid and I are very close so she was agreeing just to get to me. I was so pissed. Threatened to turn off her phone, still might. She’s being an entitled little brat and I don’t appreciate it.

So part of the reason I was so angry was an email from my park manager. I simply asked what new tenants would pay. Then she stated that the park has first right to refusal and that I have to give them 10 day notice before I list the house so they can do an inspection and I’ll have to fix everything before I can sell. Part of the reason I want to sell is because I can’t afford to do the fixes. I am a single mother for heaven sake trying to raise two ungreatful little brats. I haven’t heard back from her, I’m expecting a nasty email back.

Oh and before that my realtor texted and said I need to have earnest money within 3 days of an accepted offer. The thing is everything is tied into selling my house. I don’t have much extra right now. He said he would talk to the other agent, hoping they will work with me. I just kinda feel that dream slipping through my fingertips. But I still believe in it.

Anyway. So needless to say the day after all that stuff happening I was in a mood at work. I guess they don’t like me being in bad moods at work. Hey when I’m in a mood I do my job and I don’t want to interact with anyone. My friend was like “you wont tell me whats wrong, you wont let me pick on you, whats going on?” I still said nothing. Eventually I explained the park thing, he already knew about the realtor thing.

Then today comes. I was in a better mood. I was talking to the one coworker, I can’t remember what led to the conversation but it went way… south? Yeah it was a bit inappropriate. I was looking for pictures from my wedding day and made a comment about having so many pictures on facbook. He said not the right kind. I find a picture of my dog and say yeah huh I’ve got weiner pictures. He was like “but it’s not my weiner”. I laughed and said I’ll make the next one his. Must have been after that I asked if I was blushing and he said no and that scared him. We were building something and it was time to go home. So we didn’t finish it. I said I’d be in early Monday and finish it. He said that wasn’t enough time. I laughed. I know it was a joke but I think I’ll show up at 6 and see what he says. Yeah we took it a bit far but that was nothing compared to how I was at my other job.

I am thinking positive in regards to everything. I am going to be going into work early all week next week, the boss will be gone. So I’ll have a nice paycheck coming to me. Will help with everything.

I wasn’t going to tell my mom about the house but when I was upset I told her. Now she is hoping it works out for us. So… my brother and my mom want it to work for me. My friends want it to work for me. Please mean that this is the right thing and it will work out. Maybe with a few bumps in the road but still.

The ex was supposed to change my oil today. He didn’t. I told him to let me know if something comes up. He didn’t. He’s supposedly working. Liar. Not my problem but I need my oil changed. I’m kinda feeling a way because of him. I feel like I promised him the world and I’m falling short. I haven’t followed through with many of my promises to him. Yes, he didn’t follow through with things for me either, but I didn’t expect much.

Anyway. Guess I’ll go shower and go to bed. Unless the ungreatful ass is taking a bath.

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