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  • Sept. 21, 2023, 9:10 a.m.
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So today we packed a lunch and off to school she went. There won’t be after school program next Monday or Friday. She definitely had a good time yesterday and wanted to go again. I was so worried she was going to come out crying because she wasn’t ready to leave yet but she was just fine. I’ll probably get her around the same time today.

I have since gone to the store because my daughter and I both have itchy scalps and I’m not sure if it’s just the dry air or possibly lice but I got some tea tree oil shampoo. I have since showered and my scalp doesn’t feel nearly as itchy. I don’t see anything when I look at my hair in the mirror. My daughter definitely has yellow and white things attached to her hair which makes me think it’s lice but when she had it before, I knew for sure it was lice. I’m going to wash her hair tonight with the new shampoo and look to see if there’s anything afterwards.

So as predicted, I got a letter from TANF saying that I’m to have an appointment with my caseworker next week or it’s going to lead to a sanction or them closing my case. I plan to go because she sent a text saying that she got the form back from my dr and wants to talk to me about it. I’m hoping she can revamp my schedule so I don’t have to be there as much because it’s painful. She also said they’ve issued my payment but it’s not in my account yet.

I do plan to attend my appointment with her next Tuesday because if I only had to be there a couple hours a day or a couple days a week, I would probably just stick it out. I have my disability appointments next Wednesday and according to Google, I should get a decision within a month. If not, I’m going to do the onboarding at that job. I know that I’m not going to be a TANF Mom for long and something needs to pop off.

It would be really great to see my payment or even know how much it’s for. I called the bank and there’s so impending deposit so I’m confused.

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