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I was going to make pork side ribs for dinner but hubby decided he wanted pizza so we ordered out and there is lots of left overs so hubby gets pizza for lunch tomorrow. And there is also left over lasagna. So for dinner tonight I will be making those side ribs. I am not sure what else I will do but it will be good never the less.
I even had what I would call a decent sleep. I think I slept 3 hours straight so that is something and I feel pretty good....except for the smell of mold must. And when I look at the hall floor I think I see darker lines from where the water seeped in. So there must be something under the floor that is moldy. I am thinking it’s some sort of plastic. The best thing for me is to be barefoot when I am at home but I have to wear slippers all the time because I am not sure what the mold will do to my feet. And I also think that because no air can get to my feet that my toinails now have this fungas on them and I can’t get rid of it because nothing works. I even tried the perscription and that doesn’t work.
There are so many things that mold can cause and I think I have three of them so far. I have the headache, the nail fungas and IBS D. I think the mold contributes to these things but are not the direct cause and there is really nothing I can do. And the sad thing is becasue of all of this I need to take even more medication then when I was 50.

Onto something else…

It looked like it rained last night so that is good and the tempature outside now is 49 so Fall has come. And inside it’s 69 so I am going to ask hubby to ask the slumlord to put the heat on because I feel cold when I wake up and I can feel cold air comming out of the heat vents and air vents and that is not good.
I realized why the slum lord is so against space heaters because she thinks the only ones for sale are the ones from the 1970’s which were a fire hazzard. Now they are CSA approved and will shut off if dropped or pushed. And she should know this because she is a LPN Nurse and should have some science knowledge. And she also have some medicle knowledge of what mold can do to a person. But to say it’s not mold is one thing but whatever is covered in black needs to be replaced and she should know that. I even know that but then I made sure I have read about it and learned what the effects can do to people children and pets. I have read that people can get use to the smell but that still doesn’t help them with the side effects. And I haven’t gotten use to the musty smell and never will.

Onto something else…
well there is nothing else so I will stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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toddslife 3 days ago

had a slice of pizza today st Patrick Food Bank its pizza every tue

Jodie toddslife ⋅ 3 days ago


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