Right Side Of The Face in Hello

  • Sept. 18, 2023, 9:22 p.m.
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While enjoying my Cajun turkey sandwich for lunch I bit down funny and now my upper teeth hurt. The pain is shooting into the nasal cavities on the right side of my face. Any of my long time readers know I hate tooth aches!!!

Luckily I have knockoff Tylenol.
And soft chicken fajitas.

I’m so tired currently.
Been awake since 5 ish something this morning.

Been a go go go day.

Between having to get a negative COVID test to return to group, going to the bank, driving my mom the bank, pharmacy, grocery store, home to put things away, BACK to the store for an ingredient for dinner and BACK to the pharmacy for a readied script then finally BACK home to cook dinner. All in all finally was able to sit down and kick my shoes off close to 8 PM.

I’m so grateful the temps have dipped outside. The house has cooled off significantly so it’s been nice to actually get some rest albeit broken. Washed my blanket this morning and it is SUPER soft. I’m stretched out laying on it watching Halloween Baking Championship. One of the baker’s left midway through due to being sick.

Methinks after this (or the 10 o’clock news) I’m going to get some shut eye. As I said in the last entry, baby steps. I’ve had an eventfully busy day and am ready for rest.

Last updated September 18, 2023

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