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  • Sept. 17, 2023, 10:23 p.m.
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  1. Morgan Freeman’s character in ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES was named Azeem. #TheMoorYouKnow

  2. Often, super hero films are forced into dark gritty mode, not because that’s what works for the story or characters, but because the creatives want to get paid but are ashamed of making a superhero movie. This often happens in relationships too. Never let a lover Zak Snyder you.

  3. If I ever had A Lot Of Money, I would hire a bunch of my artsy friends and my hippie-new-age-friends and my artsy-hippie-new-age friends to create a new Tarot deck, based around the 1990 Impel Marvel Universe card set, the greatest non-baseball card set of all time.

  4. I’d never heard before how one of the first things Constantine’s Imperial Christianity did was to demolish a temple devoted to love, in hope of finding a burial site that could historically solidify The Empire’s absorbed version of Christ. I couldn’t create a metaphor that blunt.

  5. Half the places I wanna go to do are closed for the holiday, who died and made Himself king to make THAT happen?

  6. I think anointed Josh mighta had a good idea with the whole “crawling into a hole and hiding for three days” thing.

  7. He coulda hung out one more day, got us a three day weekend, just saying.

  8. I know what outlaw country sounds like but what does in-law country sound like?

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