Leftovers For Lunch in Hello

  • Sept. 15, 2023, 2:53 p.m.
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Since Mom has been feeling a lot better she’s been active in chores around the house and cooking. Last night she made some killer fried chicken thighs with corn and cabbage. Today I’m having leftover chicken as lunch. I just about ate my weight in boiled cabbage last night. Just a dab of butter with some pepper and I’m a happy boy. Tonight we’re doing pizza cause we need to get groceries and are out of a lot of things.

The AC unit is working nice but lawd that exhaust puts off some heat. I need to figure something out to do with it because it does make the hallway hot.

It’s almost 2 PM and I want to do something outside of the house but I don’t know what. If only the mall had a Halloween store this year. I could kill an hour walking around.

Someone come entertain me?

Crap, I do have to leave the house now.
Banking to do.
When I get back I’m icing my leg down.
That shin I banged still really hurts.
I’m surprised I haven’t broken a bone in my life.
Watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has me craving tacos.

Last updated September 15, 2023

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