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  • Sept. 9, 2023, 8:40 p.m.
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  1. You know, my generation is so jangled up in nostalgia, we probably have more kids named “Gosalyn” from Darkwing Duck than the actual name “Rosalyn” her name was a comic corruption upon. I’m not even saying that’s necessarily BAD, just that it is.

  2. Also: in the Ducktales universe, DUNE was written by Frank Herbird and has a primary antagonist named Baron Honkonen. Paul will be discovered to be the Quick-Quack Paddywack.

  3. Belle and Sebastien’s groupies were known as Tweehuggers.

  4. Reboot Nick-at-Nite as a streaming service and call its shows “Nick-at-Nite Unoriginals”.

  5. Some film series slowly methodically slide, each sequel a bit less art a bit more rote cash-in a bit worse like a sandcastle eroding wave by wave. Then there’s Jurassic Park where each sequel is EXPONENTIALLY worse than the last, an endless logarithm of cascading cynical failure.

  6. How has Paul Reubens never worked with David Lynch? Like… how is that even possible? Like, even like they were both actors in a Wes Anderson or pre-irrelevancy Tim Burton project? It seems impossible.

  7. The only thing sadder than someone proud to be a billionaire (where if they had a shred of intellect, they’d know how to spend down that fortune helping people) is someone who feels like they have to lie that they’re a billionaire when they’re not.

  8. Kraft’s Cheeseasaurus Rex and Kool-Aid’s Purplesaurus Rex would be the beginning of the FDU, the Food Dinosaur Universe, which was at least less stupid than the Universal Dark Universe, where Tom Cruise both fought the Mummy and became the Mummy, I think?

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