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Because of the holiday that was on last Moinday hubby gets what is called an in lew of day and today is it. But then he doesn’t work most stats because they are on a Monday except for the one at September 30 which is a saturday so he will work that day but he will get a day off before the 30th.
Oh just so you know especially if you are a CFL fan there are 3 football games on today and the first one starts at 10:00 am so you all get a nice day of football. But then maybe it’s too early to start drinking but whatever you choose to do hope you enjoy the games. The game hubby really wants to watch and will watch is the game that starts at 1:00 pm today and the rest of them I am sure he will keep an eye on the scores.
Maybe I will do some laundry so hubby can hear and see how long the dryer takes. I think the timer needs to be rest or replaced and then the cycles will work like they should.
Anyways it is what it is and I just have to use sub standard stuff. But I do know things that were considered “smart and energy efficiant are not anymore because the newer stuff is and the old stuff in the end costs more money to run and have and it’s even less efficiant if it’s not serviced. The gas company told me that the gas furnace needs to be srviced every year but the one I have here isn’t because of the cost of somoen comming in to do it will make the slumlord have a major heart attack. So now I am just waiting for all the appliences to blow up and catch on fire. I am betting 10 to one that I will be blamed for that and boy that will be fun and then I will be evicted…what joy I have to look forward to.
This is going to be a long winter where I will get more depressed and more angry because what needs to be fixed will just get worse and I will get sicker. But then she doesn’t care if I live or die.
You know the thing I really dislike is hubby always says to me well you can always use a hot water bottle or you can put more clothes on but then I tell him why can’t I just be comfortable and not have to do all of this? I should be able to live in a place that I am comfortable. I need to tell him that telling me all of this does no good because I am still cold and I spend more time holding onto hot things like coffee then doing what needs to get done.
It’s going to be interesting when my space heater is all set up and plugged in and the slumlord comes down and sees it. I can just hear her now…”Get rid of this or you will get evicted” And the only comback I have is “it’s because you are so cheap with the heat” But this heater is up to industry standard and if it tips or gets knocked down it will stop so I don’t see any issues with this. And it will never catch on fire because I will replace it when I start to hear funny noises.
But then I have been thinking about all the times I wanted to do things and she said no and I would get evicted for it. So what I did was I asked the fire department is there was a by law that says I can’t light my candles and I also asked the rental people and they both said as long as I am close by to tthe candle and am whatching it and don’t leave it a lone for too long then I can use it and she has no right to tell me not to use it. And I also asked about the space heater and they said there is nothing wrong with using it unless it’s not up to industry stanadrd and it’s been certified to use in canada. And if she does try to evict me I will be reporting her. And I also wanted my son to stay here so he would have a stable home and not have to live with drug addicts but she said no so he had to move more then once because of these people and he couldn’t work because of it. And then there was the time I wanted a dog and she said no to that also but yet she has one. And I wanted to pay for things to get fixed and she said no to that and if I did she would evict me and if someone came to do an estimate she would also evict me. So everything I wanted to do to feel like a person she has said no and it seems like I have no rights to do anything that makes me happy and call this place home instead of a place where I pay rent and get no benifits. At least when I go grocery shopping and pay the cashier money I get my groceries with no stings attached and then I feel like I have actually accomplished something.

Onto something else....

I should make chilli for dinner tonight. Anyone want to come for dinner? And tomorrow I am going to be making a roast in the airfryer with all the fixings.
and other then that not much is happening…
I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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theKat September 09, 2023

use a space heater... how in the world would your landlord know?

Jodie theKat ⋅ September 09, 2023

when the elecrtic bill goes up she will mention that the electricity is highewr and when she comes down to fix something.

theKat Jodie ⋅ September 09, 2023

so when she comes down to repair something simply move it and put a blanket over it

Jodie theKat ⋅ September 09, 2023

No I am not going to hide it..why should I? I pay rent and I am entitled to be warm and comfortable and if she wants to be cheap about the heat then tough shit I am not going to siuffer anymore.

toddslife September 09, 2023

my tiger cats played last night and won

Hamilton Tiger-Cats


Ottawa RedBlacks


Jodie toddslife ⋅ September 10, 2023

Yeah Sask lost but winnipeg won..go winnipeg go...

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