Mouth Was On Fire in Hello

  • Sept. 8, 2023, 4:32 a.m.
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4:30 AM. Gotta take mom to work in an hour.

I ate the last two pieces of chicken from Popeyes while dipping it in Dreamland BBQ sauce. The heat in the sauce has a kick like a mule. After I ate the chicken I had about a shot’s worth of the sauce so masochist I am I turned it up and slugged it down. 🤤🔥

It’s 63 outside so I’ve got the back door open. Feels nice

10:05 AM
Thanks to my relapses I’ve been set back in group from being at thirty meetings to fifteen. The counselor called me earlier to inform me. At least I’m not getting kicked out.

Right now I feel like curling into the fetal position and bawling my eyes out.


Don’t know!

Just emotional, I guess.

I’m not hungry but feel the urge to stuff my face with bad food. Emotional eating. I dunno…I’m tired. Been up since 4 yesterday afternoon. Nachos, I’d really like a big plate full of nachos right now. Sour cream and diced jalapenos on top. Sprinkled with antidepressants and anxiety pills crushed into a powder. Heh…

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