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  • Sept. 6, 2023, 8:46 a.m.
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So the morning went very quick. I got my shower, my kid off to school and then made a couple of phone calls. I went to the interview at the coffee place. The lady was very nice and so we’re the girls working. I definitely can’t see myself working there as the place is tiny and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. It’s gonna be a no from me dog. I went to my program, did the nutrition class and then left on time. I have another interview Friday morning at 9:30. It sounds like I’m pretty much already hired. It’s at a place I don’t really want to work but they are very reasonable with my schedule. I told them I want Tuesday through Friday from 9am-2pm and they said that’s just fine. They pay isn’t great but I’m more worried about being able to stand the whole time and finding a babysitter and several back up plans for days where there’s no school.

I needed to pick up my medications but I didn’t remember until we got home. I’ll probably go after I get her to school in the morning. My Mom kept texting wanting to bring me money but it’s not to be nice. It’s so that when they’re broke in a week, that I give them groceries and money. I did that back in July and then couldn’t afford to feed us for like 10 days. I don’t want to take anything from them and I make sure that I don’t.

Since my daughter was so good over the weekend, I bought her a really pretty bear backpack that she’s been wanting and we got McDonald’s for dinner. I checked the mail but there wasn’t any. I’m waiting to see how much money I actually have in my account to pay the internet bill but since it was the weekend and yesterday was a holiday, I’m waiting for it to readjust.

I’m pretty stressed about my job situation. I really hope that I’m going to be able to handle being on my feet for 5 hours a day. I honestly believe that as long as I’m moving around and not just standing in one spot, I’ll probably be okay. I do worry about my feet hurting but I’ll get used to it. I’m really angry that I can’t get the kind of job that I want that I know I can handle because it would require me to work nights and weekends. I can’t do that because then I would never see my kid and I don’t have anyone to watch her.

I’ve been talking with people over Facebook about drop in care but they want a ridiculous amount of money so I’ll probably ask at my interview on Friday if it’s a big deal if I have to miss a day if I don’t have childcare.

So I’ve really creeped his Facebook and see that he’s added some women that live here. I have no doubt it’s because he knows it’s only a matter of fucking time before this bitch is fed up and wants him out so he’s trying to line up another free ride. The guy isn’t going to work no matter who he’s with and it’s all about securing the next idiot. I’m sure the next message I get from her with be telling me that he’s back where we are. I know there will be no plan to see his kid of course. I’m sure he’s sick of being sober there and it’s a super small town with nothing to do. I mean, he could get a job to curb the boredom but that’s not how he thinks.

It’s like that thing on Facebook all the time about how nobody falls in love faster than someone who needs a place to live. That would be him. I know he’s not trying to go back to his sister’s apartment because it’s over crowded and they are always mooching off him so the next best thing is to find some woman with a good heart that don’t realize just what the fuck they are getting themselves into.

But it’s been a pretty good day. I just always feel better when I’ve gotten stuff done. I miss working and that accomplished feeling at the end of the day. I want to feel that again. Whether I ever see CS again, I want to do everything I can to make life better for my daughter and myself. CS has never been consistent and it never will be.

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