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  • Sept. 5, 2023, 8:52 p.m.
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Grilled burgers last night and boy o boy were they juicy! Tonight I grilled a rack of ribs. I’m nice and stuffed

I missed group today, even emailed the counselor about relapsing. Glad I missed cause they drug tested today. I did got to my two PM one on one with her. It’s nice to talk and get stuff off your chest. The 14th I go see Dr. Ian again for another injection. The shots worked, I just double-up on booze.

The AC repairman says there is nothing he can do. There is Freon in the tank but since whoever built this house put the AC unit ABOVE the dryer hookup it is clogged with lint. He went as far as to say that was a really dumb idea. So, basically, we need a new unit. However… that’s going to take some major renovations to install it in the foyer closet to avoid the lint issue. That and the unit is super old and all the newer ones are a bit bigger ergo it wouldn’t fit in where the old one is

Home ownership = hemorrhaging money…

It’s freakin’ 79 still in the house. Ugh I hate being hot.

I’m seriously considering going back to AA just so I’m not so much in my head…it really does help talk to fellow alcoholics.

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