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  • Sept. 4, 2023, 10:03 p.m.
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I feel like absolute shit.
My throat is on fire, my body aches and pretty sure I have a fever. My AC really needs to start working again. Too bad it’s a holiday…

And sleep, I’d kill for an uninterrupted eight hours of COLD sleep. And a massage. And a happy ending of an egg roll and fried rice.

Hours later…
I fell back asleep and feel much better. It’s still warm in the house. 😑

Called the repair man about getting more Freon and they’ll be here tomorrow afternoon. Woo hoo. Why can’t it be winter? I like the cold…

Tomorrow, as much as I don’t want to, I need to make a few phone calls about the community service volunteer work. I have ten hours to knock out before my time with group is up. I think I only have four or five meetings left. I am looking forward to group tomorrow though. The AC there constantly runs and it’s artic cold in the room. 🥶

Last updated September 05, 2023

Sleepy-Eyed John September 04, 2023

Sorry to hear. On top of everything else, right?

J.E. Sleepy-Eyed John ⋅ September 05, 2023


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