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  • Aug. 31, 2023, 11:56 p.m.
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Drove mom to get the tag for the new car. Stopped for some quick take out at China Taste. She wanted to take a quick nap after we ate and I said I’d wake her in two hours. Weeell…I fell asleep a little past 4 PM and woke up at 8:30. I’m not sleeping tonight.

Dinner was tilapia, squash and baked beans with bacon. 🤤

Guess I’ll finish my last Dresden book. Only have 100 or so pages left.

She’s already wishing she took another week off. I feel for her, I do. Even suggested taking more time off but does she listen to me? Hell no, half the time she doesn’t even pay attention to what I’m saying. Old resentments are coming back now that she’s feeling better. Old habits of hers have come back full force. grinds teeth

Tuesday afternoon I FINALLY have the one on one with the counselor from outpatient. I feel way more comfortable talking to someone I’ve already spoken to about my issues. Here goes nothing!

Even though I’m still comfortable from dinner, I kinda have the munchies. I DO have peanut butter pretzel bites. Mmmm salty sweet…

1:07 AM
Autumn is up on us and my favorite candy has made it’s scheduled yearly arrival.

7:08 AM
Watching Leave It To Beaver.
I want to bring back 50’s and 60’s sayings.
Stuff like, “Giving them the business,” instead of being bitched out.
Starting honest sentences with, “Well gee.”

It kills me though, Beaver and Wally are within walking distance to friend’s houses, the corner store and a movie theater. It’d take me a few hours to get to the nearest theater on foot. Roughly forty or so minutes to get to the nearest store. And there is no way in hell I’m walking to Mike’s place, that’s forty plus minutes by car alone.

No widdle test today. Part of me would love to indulge on the vape and watch the second episode stoned but knowing my luck I’d get tested tomorrow. I’ve had enough of a pissed off judge…judging me.

I need to trim my ‘stache. It’s tickling/itching my lip. And shave my dome…and face…eh…maybe later. I’m comfortable and warm under my blanket.

Debating on what I want to do for lunch today. It’s the first time in two months I’m flying solo. Told Mom to call if she needs anything. I really wish she did take off another few weeks. It’s…quiet here. No usual sounds of the oxygen machine operating. Or her cackling at the TV show. Or asking me to make her something to eat or retrieve something for her.

I’m bored, obviously. 🤷‍♂️

11:13 AM
Schlotzky’s for lunch it is…er was. I’m stuffed. Italian calzone, y’all!

Finally finished the last Dresden book. The White Council from that series can kiss my ass. Wasn’t happy with them voting Harry out and labeling him a threat. Oh well, such is fiction. My leg muscles hurt when rubbed a certain way. Almost like a nerve damage or something. It’s not good seeing how I cross my legs when sitting down.

I’m supposed to grill a flat iron steak tonight. Need to scrounge up some side veggies to go with it. I still have some fresh thyme sprigs in the fridge I can use to whip up a quick glaze/marinade to go with it all. Not sure yet. Don’t feel like putting thought into anything right now.

Think I’ll set my alarm for 5 and take a nap.

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