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  • Aug. 31, 2023, 3 a.m.
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How much information do you really know? And just because your mother told you you still think it’s a fact? And do you remember what you have found out?
Since I have moved here everything I know about what needs to be fixed I have looked up and found out what the worst can be. And then I have told the slumlord and she just says that is nice or she doesn’t care and it’s not what I said it is or it’s not bad enough to be fixed.
I often wonder if people do actually look things up and learn new information and then apply it to their everyday life? But you have to becareful at what sources you use. I find that those that say sponsered are not the right ones. You need to go to the actual source like the company it’s self. And the hard thing is finding a company that you know and trust. I tend to look for comanies that are where I live so if I need more information or want to ask questions it’s a local number and if I do need them to come they can.
There is this joke on facebook that always makes me smile and I am not sure if it’s true or not and it could be interpeted as mocking mens intellegents but it’s a joke and it has to be taken that way,
Here is the joke....

Onto something else....

I made a cabbage dish last night and I ate everything on my plate because I actually liked what I was eating.

This is what II made…

Tonight I am thinking chicken and a fresh vegetable and some rice or noodles.
And I need to do some laundry and some general clean up. Other then that not much is going on.

So on that note I will stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe, Behave.

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theKat August 31, 2023

I google all the time! I love having knowledge at my finger tips even tho some of the info is wrong

Jodie theKat ⋅ August 31, 2023

can you tell when something is wrong that you have looked up?

theKat Jodie ⋅ August 31, 2023

I usually read all the articles I can on it and then decide what I feel is true

Jodie theKat ⋅ August 31, 2023

yeah me too.

toddslife August 31, 2023

I google all the time all most every day

Jodie toddslife ⋅ August 31, 2023

I think most people do.

Deleted user September 01, 2023

Whenever there's something we don't know - usually what some animal looks like or does - E says look it up on your phone. So we're googling those sorts of facts all the time over here!

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