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  • Aug. 24, 2023, 8:13 p.m.
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  1. McNugget dip, straight from the sweet and sour source.

  2. (to the tune of GNR’s Double Talkin’ Jive) Bubble poppin’ game, get the money Bubble Popper, cuz I got no more Tetris

  3. If you only believe in something because you believe that you, personally, are going to “win” at it, it may be time to step back & get some perspective. Economically, religiously, culturally, the long-shot odds of you “winning” in your tiny 80 years mean almost nothing.

  4. A gritty western-style sequel series to KUNG-FU PANDA called THE PANDALORIAN.

  5. A true couples power move would be if the groom was the stripper for the Bachelorette party and the bride the stripper at the Bachelor party. Really put the Fear into all your friends.

  6. Theatrical films are far longer than they should be. Sports careers are far longer than they should be. Leave before they ask you to leave. Retire a year early instead of two years too late. Cut that needless C-plot, get your movie under two hours. Respect your audience.

  7. Your funk band will be called PHAT EARTH THEORY.

  8. Out of sheer boredom, sometimes The Beast’s transformed servants would have orgies and the item that drew the short straw had to do the dishes.

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