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  • Aug. 18, 2023, 11:09 p.m.
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So my daughter went with her big sister and I decided to send a text laying all the cards out on the table. I made sure to say that I wasn’t making accusations, just wanting to get the story straight. Honestly, I was very straightforward but also very communicative as well. She never did respond and that’s completely fine but I won’t forget all this stuff my daughter has told me and I’m just happy that I can now prove that I did send a text with all the concerns.

I think about how many times I have allowed him to take her and every time he has, it’s like this. I have to just go into it with blind trust and it never ends well. I am afraid for my daughter’s safety and I will make that very clear if I get a response. If they don’t like it, he can get the ball rolling with the courts. I will also print out all my concerns over the years and make sure it’s known why I’ve chosen to not try very hard for him to be a ‘Dad’ and another thing. He has always made sure he’s never had her by himself because he knows he can’t handle it. I used to think it was him worried there wasn’t an audience but now I realize that he can’t take care of her by himself.

I fully understand that my feelings don’t matter. All my anger, resentment, hard feelings are put to the side because I have always wanted to give him every possible fucking chance to turn this all around. Everyone needs to understand he’s had TOO MANY FUCKING CHANCES in the past 6 years and I am not going to fuck around and wait until something bad happens to my child so that everyone is in agreement that he’s not capable of being a parent.

A lot of the issues my daughter has told me are things that have happened before and that’s why I chose to just not worry about him taking her. I have dealt with this stuff before with her things not being returned and her outside with no supervision. I get that maybe other people don’t think this is a big deal but it is for me. I’m also really sick of him giving her sweets when I’m diabetic and I don’t want my daughter to end up with it as well. I have mentioned a thousand fucking times over the years that we need to limit her sweets and he still gives her candy like no other. She just had dental surgery so it’s kind of a big deal that she isn’t getting junk food constantly.

This guy has threatened to kill me while I was pregnant, told me to abort, publicly humiliated me on social media multiple times all these years, turned everyone he could against me, goes years without seeing his child or paying CS where he owes thousands and has had a fucking warrant for non-payment for almost 2 years, continues to abuse me though our child, and still won’t parent even when she’s on his time.

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