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  • Aug. 18, 2023, 9:12 a.m.
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I finally got laundry done. The washing machine lid was locked so I couldn’t get my clothes out for awhile. It’s really stressful and expensive doing laundry here and I dread it every single time. I hung the towels outside and brought them in before we left.

Open house went pretty good. I was able to get her stuff turned in for the after school program. There wasn’t a lot of people there but it’s probably because everyone has until Tuesday at 4pm to get their stuff turned in. The good thing about during the school year, they take over half the kids enrolled so there’s a better chance at my kid getting a spot. I just think that all the parents that can actually afford after school care shouldn’t be getting spots for their kids. I get that money’s tight for everyone but if you and your spouse can afford to pay someone than you shouldn’t be getting free care. There’s also plenty of parents that don’t work and don’t plan to that are getting care that don’t need it.

Now it’s just sit back and wait. I’ll know by the 24th which is Thursday. The sooner I Know, the sooner can either quit worrying about it or try and figure out what the fuck I’m going to do. It’s just a needle in a haystack type of thing trying to find a job that’s just within school hours. I wasn’t able to last year and that terrifies me.

I sent in my signed documents for TANF. I am not at all interested in doing that program again but I am hoping it’s going to lead to something better. I also need money and constantly am concerned about it. I just have to what I can to make things work. I shouldn’t have to do it all on my own but that’s how it is. I don’t want to go back to that bullshit but there’s no other option right now. I need to earn money while I try and find a job. I also could really use the help with gas to get around.

I feel super relieved to get the open house thing over with. Usually there’s way too many fucking people there so it was nice that it wasn’t crowded this time. We met her teacher and she’s super nice and I think my kid is going to love her. She also got to pick out where she’s going to sit. I was happy that everything went really fast and then played on the playground before we left. We also drove by where I’ll drop her off and show her which doors she’ll go in. I’m sad that we didn’t see her teacher from last year but I’m sure we will on Tuesday.

We don’t have anything planned until Tuesday. Tomorrow is going to be in the triple digits so I want us to just stay home where it’s cool. We probably won’t see her cousin because she’s going to a birthday party on Saturday which means she’ll stay over. We’re on our own until the first day of school. I’m glad that it’s only like 4 more days but that’s a long time to be bored and try to find things to do.

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